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Our Results

・Survey on the US Policy of Integrated Medicine
・Consumers Awareness Survey of Image Influence on Organism
・Overseas Trend Survey on Image Ratings
・Image Producers’ Awareness Survey of Image Influence on Organism
・Trend Survey of Community Healthcare (Remote Medical Care)
・Survey on Local Revitalization Programs by Local Authorities (Domestic Version, International Version)
・Survey on Eating Habits and Living Environment of Elderly Persons
・Survey on Regional Medical(medical visit)
・Survey on industrial revival in Japan
・Summary surver by overseas base cancer center
Research on how to collect a patient in Japan(Heavy particle beam therapy facility feasibility study
Research on the way of cooperation with domestic and foreign medical institutions

Study Group Administration
・3-D Image Organism Influence Measurement System Development Study Group
・Health Evaluation Organism Monitoring System Development Study Group
・Digital Content Image Evaluation System Development Study Group
・Image Sickness Guideline Verification System Development Committee
・FC(Film Commission) Foundation Study Group
・Stress Measurement System Development Committee with Image Stimulus
・Advanced Medical Emergency Infomation Transmission System Development Committee
・3-D Image Evaluation Committee
・Standards Certification Development 「Comfortable 3-D Technology Promotion Study Group」

Symposium Planning and Administration
・International Symposium for Image Influence on Organism
・International Symposium for Semiconductor Technology
・International Remote Medical Care Symposium
・National FC Liaison Council Foundation Symposium

Video Production, Image-Related Projects
・Planning and production of Safe Image Database for Supporting Image Producers(Web-integrated DVD)
・Video translation (movies, TV shows, promotional videos)
・Production of sample images which induce image sickness
・Production of Experimental Images (standard/image sickness level) for Organism Influence Measurement
・Production of various message video

Editorial Works, Publication
・ Corporate PR magazines (in domestic and overseas readers)
・ Film Commission - Foundation, administration, and production of manuals